Private Money Lending 

We can provide private money lending to investors who want to purchase or refinance rental properties…

  • 20% Down Payment
  • 30 year loans with no balloon
  • No income verification
  • No Tax returns required
  • Quick and simple loan application
  • For investors only (not owner-occupants)
  • FICO score of 585 or higher

Broker loan quote for your rental property

    Loan Structure
    Loan Purpose- Rate & Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance

    Loan Type- Portfolio Loans
    Rate Structure- 5/1 ARM, 7/1 ARM, 30-Year Fixed (No balloons)

    Loan-to-Value (LTV)- 75% Refinances

    General Requirements
    Property Type- 1-4 Unit Single Family Residential, Condos, or Townhomes

    Borrower Type- Investor Only, Individuals, LLCs, corporations, and limited partnerships.

    Borrower FICO Score- Minimum 660
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